Tom Voyce

Tutor Bio

Tom Voyce (b. 1989) is a British painter whose subject matter comprises of a variety of different themes such as interiors and semi abstracted landscapes, often within the notion of place and transit. Tom was the 2017 winner of Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year.

 The artworks consistently demonstrate an interest in the formal elements of composition: structure, perspective, shape, and light. The strength in these pieces lies not in their faithful depiction of a landscape, but in their suggestion of a sense of place, of being present within a particular space at a particular moment.


“Brilliant! Tom is not only a fantastically talented artist but excellent teacher as well. I have really enjoyed today’s workshop and have learnt many new techniques and some useful tips.”

“Excellent course. Very knowledgeable tutor who still allowed you to explore your own style of work. Learnt lots of new techniques and processes that I cannot wait to explore further. Thanks Tom!”

“Well structured, really interesting demonstration of new techniques. Tom was very helpful and giving with his time and advice.”

“Working in oils from a completely different and modern angular way. Gained a fantastic new experience, away from a just traditional way, specially from such an experienced tutor.”

“Superb, learnt a great deal, had lots of fun. Tom is a fabulous artist and inspirational teacher.”


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