richard thorn

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Richard began his painting career in the early 80’s after a long sojourn in London playing Jazz.Since those early days his paintings have been sold and exhibited in many leading galleries throughout the Southern region as well as America, Taiwan and South Korea.Recently, after having his work accepted for the last 4 years at the Royal Institute (for painters in watercolour) open exhibitions, he has won 2 awards for best watercolour.He was also invited to participate in the Quingdao International Watercolour Exhibition 2019 where he won an excellent work award. Art Promoters in China are currently showing his work and have asked the artist to return in 2020 to demonstrate and exhibit. Light, texture and distance are his principal concerns. These elements predominate his subject matter. There is a constant search for new techniques toward those goals.“For me, painting is a continuum an exploration. But watercolour is a medium that seems to be always one step ahead”


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