Judi Trevorrow

Tutor Bio

Judi Trevorrow is a hugely popular artist for her seascapes, harbour and floral paintings.

Living in Cornwall, Judi is constantly inspired by the dramatic light, the surf and sand, the gardens and the myriad of tiny harbours and inlets.

Her dedication to capturing the perfect composition is obvious when viewing her work, “I have painted until frozen on beaches trying to capture the perfect seascape. I’ve sketched boats and buildings until my hands were numb and I’ve been on my knees in a forest glade of rain glistening bluebells waiting for the sunlight to burst through the leaves.”


“Exactly what I was hoping for. My first time of using pastel. I now feel confident to use them after the tuition from Judi.”

“Fantastic! I learned so much from Judi’s thorough and structured approach, and her passion for the medium is very inspiring. Thank you. Very well organised, detailed directions very helpful. And lunch was delicious!”

“Excellent workshop from start to finish. Clear teaching and positive encouragement. More like this please.”

“Excellent. Very enjoyable and comprehensive class. Judi gave lots of great instructions and advice. Hope to come to another class.”

“Absolutely wonderful. I have tried a few art teachers before and have had some dispiriting experiences. Today was full of information, the pace was strong, but I enjoyed it very much and I particularly appreciated the honest comments, both good and bad. I learned more from today than I ever have and am leaving keen to do more.”


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