Contemporary Landscapes with Soraya French

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Wednesday 11th September 2024


10:00 am – 4:30 pm

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Soraya French is a successful contemporary artist with an international reputation and the author of several acclaimed art books. She is a director and former President of the Society of Women Artists and member of The Society of Floral Painters, and is also currently the President of the Andover Art Society.


We are delighted that Soraya is back to teach a mixed media course designed for anyone who wishes to explore the versatility of working with acrylics and mark-making media.


The theme of this workshop is seascapes as the subject allows the students to experience working on interesting textured surfaces using acrylic based texture materials. There will be examples of possible techniques through demonstrations as well as plenty of individual tuition throughout the day. Colour, composition, elements and principles of design will be touched upon during the course of the workshop.


The course will start with a comprehensive talk about materials and technique, especially the use of texture using Golden products, throughout a demonstration of a landscape. The students will learn how to utilise collage, gesso and texture products effectively to create an interesting ground to paint on. Various consistencies of acrylics will be discussed and how and why we use a specific consistency at a certain point in the painting.


Throughout the demo, topics such as composition, colour mixing, the importance of light and all the principles and elements of design will be touched upon in order for the students to progress with their painting. This is followed by everyone choosing their own subject with plenty of individual tuition throughout the day. At a point in the day when most have reached a stage in their first painting, there will be another demo in the afternoon, once again followed by everyone painting with plenty of help.


Around 3.45pm, we clear up space to showcase the works produced during the course of the day and although everyone will have plenty of individual appraisal throughout the day, certain paintings will be talked about if there are points that are of benefit to the group for learning purposes. This is on a voluntary basis and those who do not wish to show any of their work at the end of the day do not have to do this, they will have had their personal critique during the day, but this is a beneficial exercise for all. By the time the students leave this workshop they should be well versed in the versatility of acrylics and its related products and how to incorporate it into a mixed media painting. Finally, there will be an opportunity for a Q & A session before the end of the workshop.

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Mixed Media

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    Acrylic paints to include the following:

    • Ultramarine blue
    • Phthalo Blue /Prussian Blue
    • Lemon Yellow
    • Cadmium Yellow Medium or Dark
    • Cadmium Red Light
    • Quinacridone Magenta
    • Burnt Sienna
    • Yellow Ochre
    • Titanium White
    • Phthalo Green

    A sketch pad and pencils

    Acrylic inks – Magenta/ Crimson, Scarlet/ Flame Red, Brilliant Yellow, Lemon yellow, Prussian Blue/ Indigo and White

    Soft/chalk / oil pastels

    A good selection of brushes

    Palette knife

    A couple of surfaces – either Watercolour paper / mount board /MDF board/ canvas board – roughly 30 x 40cm  or 40 x 50cm. (inks work better on smooth surfaces)

    A palette (stay wet or tear off) for acrylics and a palette with wells for inks

    Gesso and texture paste if you have any

    Any collage materials such as tissue paper/ handmade paper etc



All art materials are available to purchase in the Truro Arts shop, 26 River Street Truro TR1 2SJ, and you will receive a 10% discount on all supplies for the course.


Soraya French

International Artist and Author, Soraya works in watercolours, oils, pastels, acrylics and mixed media with a variety of subject matters such as musicians, café scenes and African market scenes amongst others. Many of her subjects are travel based including people in everyday life situations. Soraya has received a number of prestigious art awards for her paintings in recent years and many of her paintings can be found in private and public collections both at home and abroad.

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On sunny days students and tutors are invited to enjoy breaktimes outside in the leafy courtyard or gardens surrounded by birdsong.




Wednesday 11th September 2024


10:00 am – 4:30 pm



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